angler academy

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Training Methodology

We provide hands on practical training for students to logically think and code proficiently. Professional trainers with relevant domain knowledge will impart programming fundamentals and guide to code adhering to coding standards and create software application. We aim to enhance student’s technical skills and develop in them the zeal to confidently advance with the technologies.

One-to-one training will enable us to assess the students, refine their skills in coding standards, naming conventions, coding style & logic. Exposure to practical scenarios/ regular corporate working environment and acquaintance in project modules enables them to learn the entire software development life cycle as well rapid professional advancement to deal with deadlines.

The course syllabus is designed in a way the student receives enough experience on each module development and its integration. After successful completion of the training schedule we also offer a challenging real time software requirements for development & testing. With substantial support from our expert trainer’s students develop confidence to build a bug free application.