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On successful completion of PHP & MySQL training program, the students will be able to:

  • Code functional Web applications
  • Gain practical knowledge for developing highly functional and powerful dynamic web applications
  • Get confident to develop the web applications independently

Training Description

PHP is a widely used general purpose scripting language that can be used for building dynamic Web applications & Software development. Our PHP training program will equip you to encrypt data, create powerful and dynamic database driven web applications.

Training Curriculum

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Static Vs Dynamic websites
  • PHP Scripting Fundamentals
  • PHP Data types, Variables, Constants
  • PHP Type casting, Global Array & Expression
  • PHP Operators
  • PHP Conditional Events & Switch case
  • PHP Flow Controls & Loops
  • Types of Errors in PHP
  • PHP Function, PHP Function with Parameters & Arguments
  • PHP Array, Types of Array, For each loop
  • Creating, Manipulating & Joining MySQL Tables
  • PHP String Manipulation & Regular Expression
  • PHP Math Function
  • PHP Date & Time Function
  • PHP Array In-built Function
  • PHP Object Oriented Programming
  • PHP Session & Cookie, Sending Emails
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Working with Database & Tables
  • Built-In Functions in MySQL
  • Fetch and Retrieving data in MySQL
  • CRUD operation with PHP & MySQL
  • Web application development with PHP & MySQL

Training Duration

Total Training Days 25 Days
Total Training Hours 75 Hours
Batches Weekly 3 days (3 hours/day)
Week End Saturday (4 hours / day)

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