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Inplant Training program

“Inplant Training improves the lifestyle of students who prefer to dream high & come out with flying colors”

In plant training program provides you an efficient platform to learn new technologies.

Summer is the time when you will be completely free from any sort of exam pressure and helps you to concentrate more on acquiring practical skills and knowledge apart from the college curriculum.

Summer vacations offer a great opportunity for enthusiastic computer stream students to experiment and learn new things.

Why Inplant Training needed?

The college/university course curriculum does not incorporate sufficient practical knowledge and thus students merely have the understanding of the theory and are confused about its applications.

However there’s nothing to worry because to bridge this gap ANGLER Academy introduced IPT for DCSE, B.Sc., BCA, MCA, M.Sc and B.E., B.Tech students.

In plant/FastTrack/summer training program at ANGLER Academy is designed in such a way that students get conceptual knowledge and more Hands-on knowledge along with Live Projects on Real time in industry Scenario. Industry based scenario helps you out to get knowledge of the Domain & it helps you while facing the interviews.

In plant training program enables students to understand the concepts learnt in a practical manner. In today’s time companies expect fresher employee to be aware of the workflow beforehand. It strengthens their fundamental and equips them to face the Industrial world.

Why Choose ANGLER Academy for IPT?

In plant training from ANGLER Academy, the most renowned Software Companies in Coimbatore is in such a way it boosts students’ knowledge and helps them meet the demands expected in the IT industry. Professions have framed the training syllabus to assist you and also to give you a clear idea and confidence to step forward.

A Summer Training done at the right time can give you the right start for your career in IT Industry. , so step up from the theoretical curriculum of Engineering and start expanding your wings to the most in demand technologies.

The program are designed to let the students think out of the box and develop several interesting engineering projects. They are designed to allow students to apply their concepts in real life and experience engineering rather than to focus on marks.

We provide fast track courses in following technology related topics

C & C++

Core Java



JavaScript & JQuery


Our aim is to provide the best overall experience that would mould the IT career aspirant to become a productive resource of any IT Employer.

Benefits of IPT at ANGLER Academy

  • Knowledge about Current trend on market, Latest tools and techniques
  • Be familiar on The coding standards naming conventions
  • Gaining the Ability to verify the accuracy and completeness of the requirement by Unit testing
  • Ability to interact and collaborate on technical issues within the team
  • Helps to enhance technical skills in real time environment
  • Real-time work projects help to learn more analytically