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ASP.NET is a programming framework used for building Web / Desktop applications, has the ability to modify a range of business processes. Microsoft SQL server is a relational database management system developed to store and retrieve data requested by other software applications. This training program will equip you to build Web based applications including database back end, integrate many useful .net libraries. We offer the latest technologies in ASP.NET for web application development.


Students having fundamental knowledge about HTML & CSS, Object-oriented programming concepts can join our ASP.NET & MSSQL training course and advance their understanding & be ready to take-up a career in web development.

Why ANGLER Academy?

On successful completion of ASP.NET & MSSQL training program, the students will be able to

  • Apply object-oriented programming concepts
  • Configure & deploy an application built on .NET Framework
  • Optimize Performance for SQL Based Applications
  • To build a dynamic website independently


  • C# Introduction
  • Application of .Net
  • C# Versions and Features
  • Execution Platform
  • C# Programming Structure / Syntax
  • Sample Program
  • Compiling and Executing C# Program
  • Types of Data Types in C#
  • Types of Variables in C#
  • Understand what Type Conversion is
  • Type Conversions Methods
  • Types of Operators
  • Operator Precedence in C#
  • Syntax and Examples for Conditional and Looping statements
  • String
  • Explain about OOPs Concepts.
  • Defining a Class and Object in C#
  • Access Specifiers in C#
  • Implement Constructors
  • Types of Constructor
  • Understand Destructors
  • Understand the structure of a method
  • Types of Methods
  • “static” Keyword
  • Learn how to use “this” reference
  • Understand what Namespace is
  • Learning how to implement the “using“ directive
  • Learn how to use “Alias“ directive
  • Preprocessor Directives in C#
  • Understand what Inheritance is
  • Why to use Inheritance & its importance
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Interface
  • Arrays
  • Lists
  • Hashtable
  • Dictionary
  • Difference between Hashtable & Dictionary
  • Structs in C#
  • Difference between Class & Structure
  • Polymorphism
  • Types of Polymorphism
  • Overloading and Overriding
  • Operator Overloading
  • Implement a Virtual Method
  • Override Virtual Method
  • Use Sealed Class
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handing
  • Attributes, Delegates, Threads

SQL Server

  • SQL Server
  • RDBMS Terminology
  • Data Types
    • String data types
    • Number data types
    • Date and time data types
    • Other data types
  • Operators
    • Arithmetic operators
    • Bitwise operators
    • Comparison Operators
    • Compound Operators
    • Logical Operators
  • Retrieving Data
  • Insert, Update, Delete
  • Create Table
  • Column
  • Computed Columns
  • Table alias
  • Temporary Table
  • GROUP BY with HAVING clause
  • IN, NOT IN, IN with a Subquery
  • LIKE
  • TOP
  • Joins
  • Joins Types
  • Set Operations
  • Rules on Set Operations
  • Set operators
  • Constraints
  • Classifications of constraints
  • Types of constraints
  • Sub query
  • Rules in Sub query
  • Sub queries with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Math Functions
  • String Functions
  • Conversion Functions
  • Advanced Functions
  • String Functions
  • Date & Time Functions
  • Creating a View
  • Updating a View
  • Inserting Rows into a View
  • Deleting Rows from a View
  • Dropping Views
  • Alter a View
  • Indexes – Introduction
  • Types of Index
  • Managing Index
  • Enabling & Disabling Indexes
  • Renaming Indexes
  • Dropping Indexes
  • Implementing Batches
  • Creating Batches
  • Using Constructs
  • Handling Error and Exceptions
  • Stored procedure overview
  • Creating Stored procedures
  • Executing Stored procedures
  • Alerting Stored procedures
  • Dropping Stored Procedures
  • Triggers and its Types
  • Transactions

  • XML
  • Database – Backup & Restore


  • Evolution of Web development
  • Web page and Website
  • Types of website
  • Static vs Dynamic website
  • How does ASP.NET work?
  • Visual Studio as ASP.NET development tool
  • ASP.NET development models
  • Label
  • Textbox
  • Button
  • LinkButton
  • ImageButton
  • Hyperlink
  • DropDownList
  • ListBox
  • CheckBox
  • CheckBoxList
  • RadioButton
  • RadioButtonList
  • Table
  • BulletedList
  • HiddenField
  • Calendar
  • Evolution of Web development
  • Menu control
  • TreeView control
  • SiteMapPath control
  • ASP.NET Coding Standards & Naming Conventions
  • Developer Testing Checklist
  • Introduction to ADO.NET
  • ADO.NET Data Providers
  • ADO.NET Core Object
  • SqlConnection Object
  • SqlCommand & SqlDataReader Object
  • SqlCommand Methods
  • Working with DataSet and SqlDataAdapter
  • Adding Parameters to Commands
  • Using Stored Procedures
  • Database connectivity
  • JavaScript in ASP.NET
  • JavaScript Form validations
  • JavaScript Regular Expressions
  • JavaScript Date
  • JavaScript Dialogs
  • ASP.NET Validation
  • Types of Validation controls
  • Managing SQL Server database connectivity
  • CRUD operations in ASP.NET using GridView
  • Data access in web application
  • Tier Architecture & its types
  • 3 Tier Architecture
  • Session (or) State management
  • Login and Logout page in ASP.NET using Session variable & 3 Tier architecture
  • Master Page – Introduction
  • Terminology
  • Master page with header and footer
  • Menu’s and bind in Master page
  • Design the form inside the content page
  • Passing data from content page to Master page
  • AJAX
  • AJAX Extensions
  • UpdatePanel
  • Autocomplete
  • Cascading DropDownList
  • AJAX toolkit installation procedure
  • Validate calllout extender
  • Bootstrap

  • MVC

  • Bridges the gap between education & employability

  • Improves logical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Ability to work on real time challenging assignments

  • Gain hands on training from experienced trainers

  • Real time project training based on industry need

  • Getting exposure to latest technology upgradations

  • Gives confidence to face, upward industry challenges

  • To be a productive IT employee in a growing environment

We provide hands on practical training for students to logically think and code proficiently. Professional trainers with relevant domain knowledge will impart programming fundamentals and guide to code adhering to coding standards and create software application. We aim to enhance student’s technical skills and develop in them the zeal to confidently advance with the technologies.

One-to-one training will enable us to assess the students, refine their skills in coding standards, naming conventions, coding style & logic. Exposure to practical scenarios/ regular corporate working environment and acquaintance in project modules enables them to learn the entire software development life cycle as well rapid professional advancement to deal with deadlines.

The training syllabus is designed in a way the student receives enough experience on each module development and its integration. After successful completion of the training schedule we also offer a challenging real time software requirements for development & testing. With substantial support from our expert trainer’s students develop confidence to build a bug free application.

College students & graduates with good aptitude

Dedication and involvement towards learning

Capable to easily grasp taught techniques

Passionate to learn evolving technologies

Logical thinking skills for scripting programs

Total Training Days Total Training Hours Batches Training Fees
32 96 Weekly 3 days (3 hours/day),
Week End Saturday (4 hours / day)
₹ 15,000


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Environment is very nice for learning. Greatest trainer and full support. We improve our technical knowledge. Before join this academy did not confident for developing mobile application but Now I will do any kind of requirements in android application definitely develop that mobile application because more confidence. I would thanks to ANGLER Academy.

Maruthapandi K

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I would like to share my Experience.As a fresher I was confused about my career, then I choose Angler Academy.I have completed ASP.NET training in Angler Academy. The training was very useful to trigger my Skills the training helped me to understand both theoretically and practically.The tasks assigned by the trainer was very useful to understand more about the concepts. The references sent, helped me to clarify doubts. The trainer was friendly in clarifying all the doubts and also taught about Debugging skills, Coding standards, Time Management, Corporate culture. The training enhanced both my Skills and the Confidence level. Angler Academy would be a great place to kick start your career.

Krithika S
ASP.NET Training

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The training was very useful to me. After finishing training course now I joined as a developer in ANGLER Technologies. Before the course I was confused about the technical usage of Having completed the course, I feel more confident. Now I got the clear view about the .net and how it will be useful for webpage developing. The practical’s and machine test is very useful to know my technical knowledge level. The trainer used many ways in which to pass on knowledge to us. The training was very informative and practical. The Power Point presentation was very good. There are too many good points to list! The course was very relevant to my job and will help me in most aspects of my work.

Arulselvi S

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I have finally finished my course with Android Application Development at Angler Academy. They helped me to stand out of the crowd in searching for a job as a developer. This course consists of a task to develop a real time project, which improved my technical skills a lot. The staffs and environment of Angler Academy were very supportive in completing my course work. The certificate from this Angler academy is a step above all the computer certificate courses from institutions coz’ it’s a industry based training. Thanks a lot for the friendly staffs and Angler academy.

Abirami S
ANDROID Training

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I have successfully completed my DotNet training in Angler Academy. The class is very useful in IT industry.

Sugunesh Kumar S
ASP.NET Training

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I am learning Dot Net training in angler Academy whatever working or training the environment and trainer is very important to freshers according to that angler is good place to start our career. I completed my training in angler Academy, it was very useful and knowledgeable… every class was gone interestingly…. Thank you to my trainer she told how we are going to face the work culture in future. it’s very useful to me

Kousalya V
ASP.NET Training

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I have successfully completed my Android training from ANGLER Academy. I moved from basic and beginner level of knowledge to professional and practical level of knowledge. Because of Angler Academy I can confidently build and customize an Android application. The trainer is very friendly and supportive. All these things will happen only if you guys have really interested in build your career successful. Once u got chance to get trained from Angler academy make use of that platform.

Gowsika R

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I have completed my DotNet training in Angler Academy, training here is not just theoretical, it’s practical. We will be encouraged to work on every concepts taught. Each assignment or task given to us increases our knowledge and widens our scope of ideas. I gained lot of experience and knowledge on HTML, CSS, SQL and DotNet. This training increased my ability and confidence to work on any DotNet related projects. I would highly recommend if you are a fresher and want to grow into IT field.

ASP.NET Training

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Hi this is angel sweety i am learning Dot net programming language in angler academy very useful training and live project demo classes also provided in this angler academy

Angel Sweety S
ASP.NET Training