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About Academy

ANGLER Academy is established with an aim to transmit the current technologies and tools in a way to equip professionals who are eager to improve their skill set after graduation, to gain knowledge in the field of Information Technology & as well aspire for a growth oriented career in a challenging environment.

  • Bridges the gap between education & employability
  • Rewarding Position in IT industry
  • Ensuring sustainable skills to face Industry challenges

Training Benefits

  • Bridges the gap between education & employability
  • Improves logical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work on real time challenging assignments
  • Gain hands on training from experienced trainers
  • Real time project training based on industry need
  • Getting exposure to latest technology upgradations
  • Gives confidence to face, upward industry challenges
  • To be a productive IT employee in a growing environment


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I have successfully completed my DotNet training in Angler Academy. The class is very useful in IT industry.

Sugunesh Kumar S
ASP.NET Training

No Title

I would like to share my Experience.As a fresher I was confused about my career, then I choose Angler Academy.I have completed ASP.NET training in Angler Academy. The training was very useful to trigger my Skills the training helped me to understand both theoretically and practically.The tasks assigned by the trainer was very useful to understand more about the concepts. The references sent, helped me to clarify doubts. The trainer was friendly in clarifying all the doubts and also taught about Debugging skills, Coding standards, Time Management, Corporate culture. The training enhanced both my Skills and the Confidence level. Angler Academy would be a great place to kick start your career.

Krithika S
ASP.NET Training

No Title

Environment is very nice for learning. Greatest trainer and full support. We improve our technical knowledge. Before join this academy did not confident for developing mobile application but Now I will do any kind of requirements in android application definitely develop that mobile application because more confidence. I would thanks to ANGLER Academy.

Maruthapandi K

No Title

The training was very useful to me. After finishing training course now I joined as a developer in ANGLER Technologies. Before the course I was confused about the technical usage of Having completed the course, I feel more confident. Now I got the clear view about the .net and how it will be useful for webpage developing. The practical’s and machine test is very useful to know my technical knowledge level. The trainer used many ways in which to pass on knowledge to us. The training was very informative and practical. The Power Point presentation was very good. There are too many good points to list! The course was very relevant to my job and will help me in most aspects of my work.

Arulselvi S

No Title

I am learning Dot Net training in angler Academy whatever working or training the environment and trainer is very important to freshers according to that angler is good place to start our career. I completed my training in angler Academy, it was very useful and knowledgeable… every class was gone interestingly…. Thank you to my trainer she told how we are going to face the work culture in future. it’s very useful to me

Kousalya V
ASP.NET Training

No Title

I have finally finished my course with Android Application Development at Angler Academy. They helped me to stand out of the crowd in searching for a job as a developer. This course consists of a task to develop a real time project, which improved my technical skills a lot. The staffs and environment of Angler Academy were very supportive in completing my course work. The certificate from this Angler academy is a step above all the computer certificate courses from institutions coz’ it’s a industry based training. Thanks a lot for the friendly staffs and Angler academy.

Abirami S
ANDROID Training

No Title

Hi this is angel sweety i am learning Dot net programming language in angler academy very useful training and live project demo classes also provided in this angler academy

Angel Sweety S
ASP.NET Training

No Title

I have successfully completed my Android training from ANGLER Academy. I moved from basic and beginner level of knowledge to professional and practical level of knowledge. Because of Angler Academy I can confidently build and customize an Android application. The trainer is very friendly and supportive. All these things will happen only if you guys have really interested in build your career successful. Once u got chance to get trained from Angler academy make use of that platform.

Gowsika R

No Title

I have completed my DotNet training in Angler Academy, training here is not just theoretical, it’s practical. We will be encouraged to work on every concepts taught. Each assignment or task given to us increases our knowledge and widens our scope of ideas. I gained lot of experience and knowledge on HTML, CSS, SQL and DotNet. This training increased my ability and confidence to work on any DotNet related projects. I would highly recommend if you are a fresher and want to grow into IT field.

ASP.NET Training

IT Training Programs

Classroom Training

Classroom Training is a customized training program schedule, conducted during weekdays in ANGLER Academy campus.

Weekend Training

Weekend Training is especially designed for Working IT & Non-IT Professionals, whom unable to take up the training during weekdays.

Online Training

The aspirants who due to various reasons cannot travel to our location can take up this Online Training program.

Inplant Training

An Inplant training is to provide hands-on experience to the students as well as to develop their career based industrial requirements.

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